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Websites development divides on 3 independent steps:


Step 1. Web design


Step 2. Making website


Step 3. Adding functions
to the site

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Valid, Semantic HTML 5, some optimization for CSS & HTML, 7 days of free websites support, DIVs, CSS & HTML as a different files.

Cross-browser compatibility: IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Яндекс.Браузер, Opera, Safari.



Valid, Semantic HTML 5, CSS, JS and HTML code optimization, SEO, pixel-by-pixel layout compability, custom fonts, 10 days of free websupport, comments in code.

Cross-browser compatibility: IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Яндекс.Браузер, Opera, Safari, tablets.



Valid, Semantic HTML 5, best optimization of page loading (optimization and compressing of CSS, JS, HTML and pictures), SEO, pixel-by-pixel layout compatibility (perfect pixel), 30 days of free PREMIUM websupport.

Cross-browser compatibility: IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Яндекс.Браузер, Opera, Safari, tablets & mobiles.

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$ 430



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Total cost on website development, that you see above, is the approximate cost for typical websites. Some custom functionality can increase this total cost. For precise value of price, and development period - please contact me, and give me more information. Technical specification is welcome!


What do you get with the website development?

  • Valid and Semantic HTML 5 interface
  • Search friendly Website using all SEO rules
  • Responsive design for all devices like tablets & phones etc.
  • Mobile website development with all SEO rules
  • Optimization of page loading
  • User friendly design & functionality
  • 30 days support period to insure your 100% satisfaction
  • Full design & HTML layout compability
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Satisfaction :)

Types of Typical websites


What is the Informational Website?

Informational Website - is the simple one page website, that you can create, for example, for your self presentation or presentation of your company. Like an online visit card. Informational Website creation usually means - contacts section on the info website, some "about us" text, and short skills/products presentations or some another info. Informational website development is quite simple.

What is the Landing Page Website?

In online marketing, a Landing page, also known as a lead capture page - is the single and quite large web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. Landing pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page website development is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.


What is the Corporate website?

Corporate website development -is an informational website creation with multiple pages, as much as you want, operated by a business or other private enterprise such as a charity or nonprofit foundation, the same way you can use this one as a blog. Usually based on some CMS like WordPress for managing contents on them. Goal of such websites is to give all information to your customers, that they need. Also, often, has "About us" page, contacts section or page with google maps integration, home page, company blog for business, etc.


What is the Catalog Website?

Catalog Website - is the same website as a corporate website, but here you has the products catalog. With catalog website development you can easy show all your products/services to your customers. But Catalog website hasn't any shop functionality like a Shopping Cart etc.


What is the eCommerce website?

eCommerce website - it is pretty much the same Catalog website, but with all eCommerce functionality, as a shopping cart, On-Line Payment system etc. eCommerce websites development can easy grow Up your business in the short time!


What is the Service website (web application) ?

Service - usually means some specific web application for some specific goal, so here you have just really approximate cost on it. Real price depends on to your idea, so contact me for more details.




What is the Static (Fixed) page layout on the websites?

A Static layout or a “fixed” layout or sometimes "fixed width" layout is the page with preset size and does not change based on the screen width, on the mobiles/tablets it looks not so pretty as a liquid web design or responsive web design that can adapt depends on to browser size. Another words, the page layout might have a permanent width of 980 pixels no matter what. This is how web pages were traditionally built for many years until modern influences like media queries and responsive design were introduced around the start of the 2010s.


What is the Liquid page layout?

A Liquid layout “fluid” is the layout when you use relative units instead of fixed units. Usually in this case we use percentages instead of pixels. A liquid layout often will fill the width of the page, no matter what the width of the browser might be. This type of layout looks great on the laptops, tablets etc. But on the mobiles will be zoomable regular version, its not so good for user friendly as responsive page layout.


What is the responsive layout in a web design?

A Responsive page layout is the layout in web design when you use both relative units and some as known media queries,  combining the ideas of a liquid layout and an adaptive layout, when code is recognizing specific screens sizes (mobiles/tablets/TVs) and send some specific layout to each device. As the browser increases or decreases in width, a responsive layout will flex just like a liquid layout. However, if the browser goes beyond certain widths defined by media query breakpoints, then the layout will change more dramatically to accommodate a wide or narrow width.


CMS WordPress Integration

What is the Wordpress and why we highly recommend you to integrate your website with this system? CMS means - Content management system, so such systems can help you to create easy to use websites, that you can easy fill, and edit. With this one, you will not need any help from developers, for making some changes on the site, because you will can do it yourself. One of these systems is WordPress. WordPress is ready to use system, very easy and comfortable, it's the best free solution on the market.